Real-Time Flood Forecast Modeling as a Planning Tool

Floods are natural events that cause various social and economic impacts. These events are originated from intense rainfall that exceeds soil infiltration capacity leading to major water runoff that surpasses the capacity of drainage systems. At highly urbanized basins, like the ones in São Paulo, the problem becomes even more complex since it involves land use issues and increased vulnerability to flooding due to population densities located in flood prone areas. Based on this scenario, the São Paulo City Hall (PMSP) has invested alongside the Emergency Management Center (CGE) in a real-time flood management system for monitoring, forecasting, and warning in order to promote stormwater management. As a product of catchment evaluation, efficiency, and effectiveness of preventive and corrective actions can tested and results can be used as a tool for planning and operating urban catchments quantitative and qualitatively. This paper describes how this tool is being used to plan São Paulo’s catchments, and the results that can be achieved.

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