Strategic Environmental Assessment in Brazilian Academic Research

The Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is an instrument
for integrating the environmental issue into strategic planning
with increasing the emphasis on impact assessment research in the
world. Although it is not mandatory in Brazil, there are applications and
initiatives for its formalization. The objective is to explore the Brazilian
academic research on SEA through quantitative and qualitative analysis
of papers, theses, and dissertations. The results reveal that since
2000 to 2020, local research has been represented by 75 dissertations
and theses from 20 universities and, since 2005 to 2020, by 61 articles
from 114 authors, published in 30 journals. While the research is in an
early stage of development, it covers a broad diagnosis of the application
of SEA, contributions to a Brazilian system, has little methodological
discussion, and encompasses comprehensive analysis of the quality
of the reports. We recommend that future research aims at fostering and
building a legal framework for SEA for Brazilian planning.

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